Enjoy An Evening Of Jazz and Blues

with a selection of fine beers and good company.

Each and every Monday you will find a gathering of musicians who enjoy listening and playing jazz and blues come together for a wonderful evening of music.

The house band includes some who are well acquainted with the music scene in East Anglia and will be familiar faces to many of you.

A friendly warm welcome awaits you whether you plan to play or just listen. If the former, please bring your own instruments and give some thought in advance as to your chosen songs, and bring along four copies of the music & chord charts, or lyrics if you are a singer, so that we can help you gain the most from your evening.

So don’t be shy, you are invited to join us whether you play the trumpet, saxophone, guitar or the violin. Everyone is welcome, both young and old whether you are an experienced musician or just a beginner, to share in the love of jazz, blues and swing.

No charge is made, but we do ask you to enjoy some refreshments from the bar whilst there, and don’t worry, if you prefer to just listen with family or friends over a drink that’s fine too!